Never too late for transformation

As a 20-year-old girl I was infatuated with massage and ayurvedic medicine. I bought books but never pursued massage until last year. I had the sudden urge to enroll in the local massage school at 44 years old. Never too late! In September I graduated with a massage therapy license. I finally felt I accomplished what I have always felt as my true passion: “to heal people by touch.” As a Hospice nurse for several years and an ICU nurse I saw the benefit of touch. Just a gentle foot or hand massage on people whose end was near. I can finally say I am living my dream, not someone else’s. The transformation that occurred within me is liberating an freeing. How many people have you talked to that are miserable every day because they don’t listen to their authentic self? It is your life! It isn’t the right time or space. You are too busy. What is preventing you from becoming who you  are?

With it being National massage awareness week from October 20th-27th, I invite you to look at the benefits of touch.

1. Massage reduces stress—A single massage can lower your heart rate, cortisol and insulin levels, all of which are tied to how stressed you feel.

2. Massage helps you relax—Long after your massage is over, you will still benefit from a host of brain chemistry responses that encourage feelings of relaxation, lowered stress and improved mood.

3. Massage improves posture—Massage helps your body to reinforce healthy and natural movements, which will help correct any posture problems you may have.

4. Massage improves circulation—The pressure from massage moves oxygen-rich blood through the body to damaged, tense muscles so they can heal, while removing lactic acid and other metabolic waste.

5. Massage lowers blood pressure—Studies have shown that massage can lower both diastolic and systolic blood pressure.

6. Massage relaxes muscles—Sitting causes a lot of chronic back pain, and massage can help with persistent pain by relaxing those tense muscles.

7. Massage improves flexibility—Sedentary lifestyles and age can make joints less flexible. Massage helps improve fluidity and range of motion in your joints and connective tissues.

8. Massage helps you breathe better—Massage can relax muscles in the upper body, which, if they become too tight, can constrict breathing.

9. Massage relieves headaches—Regular massage relieves Headaches to start by reducing spasms.

10. Massage strengthens the immune system—Studies have shown that regular massage can improve your body’s overall immune functioning.

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